I wish I was a woman…


I sometimes wish I was a cow. Life would be so simple; not aware of my own mortality, of the futility of it all…

Some other times I wish I was a woman. No I did not intentionally jump from “cow” to “woman”, it’s just that I never wish I was a broccoli for instance, and being scared of flying I never wished I was an astronaut. So if I was a woman, people would open greasy doors for me,  would pay for ridiculously overpriced meals, I’d get hit on several times a day, I would receive flowers on Valentine’s…And above all I could wear Dsquared2 women’s collections.

But I am not a woman (or a cow for that matter). And being a man, I tend to overlook women’s collections. Usually after watching the show once or having briefly browsed through the catwalk photos I forget about them.

However the last two shows left me mesmerised: the controversial “Dsquaw” collection (another post addressed the topic) and the “Diamondhead” collection.

Interestingly one was Autumn/Winter, the other a Spring/Summer collection; well done to the Caten brothers for so much inspiration with just six months in between.

As it is typical of Dsquared2, both shows intended to marry what cannot be married, and did so incredibly well: the first one mixed Canadian Indian tribes influence and the style of old British aristocracy, while the second one blended surfing and couture! Chalk and cheese, but only Dean and Dan could have come up with these combinations…

The result in both cases is out of this world.  The fabrics, the colours, the silhouettes…I wish I could wear all that.

On top of this, the background and lighting used during the Diamondhead show created a beautiful haunting ethereal atmosphere; just watching stills from the catwalk transports me in a different dimension. Were these mermaids I just saw? Well done to the stage design crew here!

I know that I will certainly pay more attention to women’s collections from now on…

Oh, and if I was a woman, I’d look like Caroline Trentini!

F/W 2015-2016

dsq-fw15-115-look-20dsq-fw15-110-look-19dsq-fw15-052-look-9dsq-fw15-015-look-3dsq-fw15-006-look-1 dsq-fw15-178-look-30

S/S 2016




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