Dsquared2 people – Meet Hildie Plumpepper

Hildie Plumpepper describes herself on her Instagram account as a “silver haired girl on the go”. She has been described by others as “Instagram’s most fashionable granma”. Imagine Diana Vreeland meets Vivianna Volpicella.


In reality, Hildie is a creation of illustrator Jill Anthony, from upstate New-York, who always had an interest in drawing and in fashion. She started drawing Hildie on greeting cards to friends, but joined the world of Instagram earlier this year.

A ‘paper role model’ for the next generation of older ladies, those who grew up in an age where fashion was everywhere, and are unlikely to ever adopt the classic “granny look”. As Jill Anthony says about Hildie, ‘She clearly snubs her nose at ‘age-appropriate’ fashion!’


See her above sporting a superb Dsquared2 total look from the AW15-16  collection. I would have liked to know  what my late granmother would have thought of this style! 🙂


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