Dsquared2 Medium = US XXXXXXXXXS (or “the revenge of the short”)

As explained in my very first post, one of the reasons why the discovery of Dsquared2 was such a breakthrough in my wardrobe-building process was that I had finally found a brand that made clothes that fitted me. Before that, everything was big, always too big, sometimes even the XS was too big. The guilty brands were usually American (Ralph being first in line) or British (Hackett, Burberry…). Dsquared2 made sizes for me…and for tinier too!

However I have to admit that conceptually, for me being sometimes obliged to buy “Large” borders on the comical, as the result may look nice and fitted on me…yet I am anything BUT large!

Anyway I’m not complaining, I’m very happy about it actually; not everyone may be though as I remember talking to a shop assistant in a multi-brand store a few years ago, who was gutted selling all these clothes he couldn’t wear, the biggest of Dsquared sizes being a couple of sizes to small for him.

Well, poor guy…but I guess it was time for the revenge of the short!

US and Italian sizes


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