“The stuff that dreams are made of”: the “Carnation” dinner jacket

Throughout your life there will be a few of these items that you first dreamt of, with a growing obsession, day and night, and that you eventually managed to get; sometimes by breaking the bank, sometimes after some painstaking detective work; the sacrifices in obtaining the coveted item only added to their mystique and your attachment to them.

The first of that sort I can remember of was a Schott leather flying jacket back in my teens. Shortly after there was a pair of “Golf” J.M. Weston derbies. A few years later a Hermes tie (grapes and vine leaves).

Schott flight jacket
Schott flight jacket

J.M. Weston
J.M. Weston “Golf”

Hermes “grapes and vine leaves” tie
Not many more. Then I usually bought clothes either on an impulse, or else things I needed, rather than objects of desire… Also the fact of having an income meant that I could then buy more or less whatever I fancied, within reason; this accessibility might have made a lot of items lose a little of the mystique described above.

I explained in the very first post here how I discovered Dsquared2 back in 2009. Only a few months afterwards I fell in love with what is to me the ultimate party jacket, and my all-time favourite item of clothing: the three-button short tuxedo jacket with a carnation motif on the lapel.

I first saw it on the official website, but my size was gone. I remember then looking all over the place in London, without success, and then in Paris on Christmas eve 2009; the romantic festive atmosphere of that day makes the memory all the more sweet. After being unlucky at the Galleries Lafayette (the official Dsquared2 store would only open a few years later), the shop assistant told me to try a multi-brand boutique near Place de la Concorde. I went there at around 6 or 7pm, as they were about to close. I asked about this particular jacket without much hope…the guy went to the rack, looked at a few jackets, and pulled it out. Here it was, more beautiful than I could have imagined, and incredibly, only one left. My size.

I remember for days after, looking at it before going to bed, and then first thing in the morning. Not sure that’s healthy really, but that the way it was.

Of course I rocked it (well, in my head at least) a few times, painting the town red. Not always a unanimous approval though, I remember an uncouth officious punter looking at the flower and saying “you look like…a fool” (as in a jester)…I didn’t lose too much sleep over that.

Life has many twists though, as I later joined a gym to do weights rather than just the cardio I was used to. I became partial to the post-workout protein shake too. As a result I am now nearly two sizes above what I was back a few years ago…And the poor jacket is now gathering dust. I don’t want to ever slim down to be honest, I was too skinny, which means I will probably never wear it again. Selling it is emotionally too hard at the moment.

An idea…why wouldn’t Dean and Dan bring it back from the dead? They have done so with key items in the “Icon” collection. Isn’t this piece iconic?? Like the Maltese falcon: “the stuff that dreams are made of“.

dsquared blazer
The jacket as shown on the official site
dsquared blazer 3

DSC_0171 My own beloved – yet too small now – “carnation” jacket

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