The trophy g-string from last night’s conquest. Who will dare?

Many a woman woke up the morning after the night before, to find that the dark stranger met in a bar was gone. And so were her panties.

The minimalistic piece of elastic and lace will now join a large collection of trophies taken from other unsuspecting preys.

Man is a hunter, but a gatherer too.

The more humble and conservative of these urban safari rangers will remain quiet about his victory,  storing his trophies in a drawer at his hunting lodge (parent’s beach house, bachelor’s pad…). However the brasher one will parade around town the following morning, proudly exhibiting proof of last night’s catch by wearing the thong around his waist.

The true Dsquared2 man is of the second type. Are there many true D2 men out there? We will know who really belongs, when the S/S 2016 collection is out.


Curiosity: even Dean and Dan collect trophies! Are they trying to tell us something?


underwear head


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