Catens uncut, but cut

Dsquared2 new fragrance for women was recently launched in Dubai. Some of the fun time Dean and Dan have had in the Emirate can be seen on the official website in a video titled: Catens uncut – Dubai edition Day 1.

The twins and a few friends are having lunch around a table, and they address the camera: “We’re in Dubai, we’re here, we’re queer”…Then Dean whispers to the camera: “you can’t be queer here”…So they carry on but specify “we won’t say any of those bad words…”. Dan then explains that “there can’t be a WANT ad campaign because of the too overtly sexual woman wanting something, so you will see a picture of a perfume bottle instead…”.

What an open-minded country Dubai seems to be.

Keep in mind that article 354 of the Federal (for all the emirates) Penal Code states, “Whoever commits rape on a female or sodomy with a male shall be punished by death.” The local Penal Code of Dubai in comparison seems super gay-friendly, as Article 177 of imposes imprisonment of up to 10 years on consensual sodomy.

The video concludes with the group consisting of the twins and four friends having fun (seemingly for hours, after the restaurant is closed and there is only them left), dancing over hit songs of the 80’s and 90’s. They actually seem to be drinking some form of wine or bubbly, which is probably punishable in some way outside a handful of establishments (business oblige). I don’t know if it’s the bubbly but Dean at times gets dangerously frisky with a friend…Careful Dean, it’s not exactly Mykonos over there!

dubai ad


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