Style over convenience: the high ticket pocket

Dsquared2 jeans are all about small details. One will have apparent fly buttons, another will have zip back pockets…

One invention of Dean and Dan is – on some models – to place the ticket pocket higher than where it usually sits. The result is interesting and harmonious, but not very convenient when worn with a belt; for instance to give a tip to a waiter you’d have to indulge in funny contortions to access the few coins you normally pull out like a magic trick; you must first arch your back towards towards the left, suck your belly using the left hand to move the belt down and then fiddle with your right hand fingers the money at the bottom of this deeper than usual pocket, which on the model featured here is made trickier by the (lovely) brass plate sewn on which does not allow for much movement inside the ticket pocket.

First world problems I guess….

Ticket pocket with and without the belt on.
Ticket pocket with and without the belt on.

One comment

  1. Ha, ha.

    I’d slightly disagree with the leniency of the article. When estetics rule over practicity to the point of making the item useless is plein nonsense or vanity of the designer.


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