Staple shoes: the 1964 trainers

Simple: I could not live without them.

Every season they come in a range of colours or combinations of colours, and using various fabrics (patent, suede, mesh…).

The overall design has remained the same for a few years, apart from the tip which used to be round and now resembles more an actual running sneaker, and the thickness (and design) of the rubber sole (especially the heel) which used to be the same as most runners out there, but which is now significantly higher (about 5cm).

The “old” toe

The “new” toe
When the design was changed I was gutted…until I got a pair of the new style, which i quickly fell in love with as well. I do like the sleekness of the new – more pointed – toe, but also as a short-ish guy myself, the extra-centimeters bring me from “short” – to “nearly average” in height 🙂 In the early days I didn’t like that as I felt I was cheating (even I used to laugh at French president Nicola Sarkozy photographed wearing higher heeled shoes to make up for his lack of stature), but the advantages of belonging to this class of “nearly average” people soon overshadowed any moral objections I may have had before. Isn’t style and fashion all about cheating anyway?!

The “old” heel

The “new” thicker heel
Now a word about the quality: the very first pair I had is still in a decent shape, after having undergone years of unimaginable battering. However when I bought them, it is not them that had to adapt to my feet but the opposite: they absolutely butchered me for weeks, I was covered in blisters and wounds for ages, and I think the current shape of the extremities of my lower limbs was moulded by my first pair of 1964 trainers. The following pairs never had that same effect, but it could be because by then I had acquired “Dsquared feet”.

Very disappointingly, a panel on the side of a recent pair tore itself open after only a few wears (see photo). I am dead serious, only a few wears! This should not happen on a pair of €340 shoes!

The badly sewn panel
The badly sewn panel
However, despite the above problem, I need my 1964’s. Me and them are together for the long run (pun intended).

My current 1964’s

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