Wow that was quick! (or “the Dsquared2 spring/summer 2016 collection is already gone”)

Only a few days ago I posted on this blog a short piece about my surprise at the spring/summer collection being already on pre-order on the Dsquared2 official website.

Read the post here:

This surprise will have been short-lived however as by Sunday all the pages relating to the next collection had disappeared from the site! That’s less than three days…

This is the actual screen when typing the adress where part of the summer collection could be seen.
This is the actual screen when typing the address where part of the summer collection could be seen.

My theories regarding this sudden disappearance:

1 – The “as planned” theory: it was supposed to be a “flash” demo, for the company to get an idea of what items would be of interest to potential purchasers (items were to be “reserved” rather than purchased). Weak theory as the number of visitors between a friday and a sunday, who will place an order for something available months away, is necessarily limited.

2 – The “leaked by mistake” theory. The pages were being prepared by some I.T. guy in charge of the website, and by mistake he “went live” on friday, only to realise his mistake at the week-end, and corrected it immediately. If this theory is correct I hope he won’t lose his  job as a result; nobody died.

3 – The “stealing the show to  WANT” theory. Since the week-end as well, the new fragrance for women, “WANT” is available on the website. Did the people at Dsquared2 headquarters realise that having both a new perfume out AND a new collection at the same time was a bit much and the impact of each on the public would be diminished? The most credible theory.

Oh, yes, there is a last, completely crazy theory: the “we read Canadian Tuxedo Blog” theory: this is like the “Yeti exists” or “Loch Ness monster” theory, nearly impossible, but who knows. The “concerns” I voiced over such an early launch, nearly clashing with the current season that has hardly taken off yet, could have been heard in high places. Six days after starting my blog, slim chance…

Well, to console anyone who missed it altogether, I managed to save the following: three beach towels, one striped shirt, one glimpse of a t-shirt, one or two coral necklaces, and a pair of jeans (the “skate” jeans, to be discussed soon).

Some of the dissapeared.
Some of the disappeared.
“Skate” jeans, S/S 2016

Important note: the “Censored” picture is a fake screenshot for the purpose of humorous illustration, NOT the actual one (which appears above in the text of the blog)


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