The myth of the expanding jeans

One of the most enduring myths about Dsquared2 jeans is that they loosen with a little wear. Several shop assistants assured me of it, almost forcing me to purchase trousers that looked like ladies yoga pants to me.

In a particular official D2 store, the manager even asked a collegue in front of me to prove that he/she was right, “Isn’t getting looser the main flaw of Dsquared jeans?” (which does not actually demonstrate great selling skills).

First of all such a sweeping statement makes little sense when you consider that not all Dsquared2 jeans are made of the same fabric. 100% cotton pieces cannot react to wear and wash the same way a 98% cotton 2% elastane would, or a cotton/linen blend.

Now, I have owned literally dozens of pairs of Dsquared2 jeans. I can’t say I ever noticed any of them getting wider. In some cases I actually wish they had! (in the early days I was not exactly sure what size for each model I should purchase, and I have made a few mistakes).

If anything some may have shrunk a bit with repeating washing. Which brings me to another anecdote, of a Dsquared corner seller, trying to convince me that I would only look like a ballet dancer for a few days as the jeans would get wider. When I responded that I have seen some shrink instead through washing, he felt all awkward, and trying to remain authoritative, stated “Yes Sir, it will loosen, then shrink, therefore it will end up the same as right now”. Jaysus the crap you have to hear…

In summary, in my experience most jeans will not change much after wearing and washing. The 100% cotton ones may shrink a bit. If your experience is different from mine please let us know by leaving a comment below…

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